Welcome to the official Getting It Together website. Here you can find information regarding the event, including why it was created, links to the organisations that participated in the event, a gallery full of photos from the day, and list of downloads that contain many of the important documents that were used to plan the event, and a contact form for any questions you may have.

"Above all, Getting It Together provided the opportunity for relationships to be developed within the community and for faces to be put to the very important services available to help local families."Mr Greg Warren, MP. Download and read the full report here.
"I would like to commend Macarthur Gateway for their organisation of the Getting it Together event which I have no doubt will provide a valuable opportunity for service providers to connect with the Aboriginal community and raise awareness of the range of services available."Tanya Davies, MP.


Getting It Together, organised and hosted by MGRS was a first-time Aboriginal community event held on the 21st of January 2016 at Bradbury Oval in Campbelltown. This was provided to the public for free with approximately 400-500 people at the event. In attendance were 50 stall holders with 39 occupied by service providers from the Macarthur region along with 20 other miscellaneous stakeholders, sponsors, media and guest speakers that supported the event.

Evidence from the evaluation surveys given to both the Aboriginal community and service providers attending the Getting It Together for our mob demonstrated that the event benefited both groups by:

  • Increasing Aboriginal community to service provider engagement
  • Facilitated inter-agency partnerships
  • Increased knowledge and access to services targeted to the Aboriginal community
  • Enabled promotion of service providers targeted to the Aboriginal community
  • Creating and enjoyable, fun and relaxed environment celebrating the Aboriginal community

The outcome of the event serves to reinforce MGRS’s strategy for early intervention and prevention of homelessness through strengthening engagement between service providers and the Aboriginal community.



Below is a list of many of the stallholders who attended Getting it Together. You can click on their logos to visit their site. Please show your support.

And many More  


A big thank you to our sponsors and stakeholders, who provided not only materials but also manpower. Also a big thank you to all the volunteers that helped both before and during the event, and to all those individuals and businesses who supported us with discounts to goods and services.

Special thanks to...

Leanne Hunter

Alf Beale

Josh Bell

And many More  


Here you can download much of the supporting documentation that was created during the planning of the event. We hope by providing these documents, others may benefit by gaining an understanding of what is required and all the topics that must be covered.

Site Plan

The site plan details all of the parking arrangements and the layout.


Risk Assessment

This documents is required by the council in order to mitigate various risks. This documents is required by the council in order to mitigate various risks.


Stall List

This is a list of all the stalls that will be present during the event.


Running Sheet

This document acts as a schedule and lists the order and time of the days performances and activities


Event Application

This document is submitted to the local council in order to get permission to run the event



These are printed and cut-up in order to create stage passes


Sponsorship Invite

This template was used to request sponsorship from interested parties


Parking Map

This map shows visitors the type and location of available parking


Work Plan

The work plan was used to help prepare and plan the event


Welcome Pack

This pack is designed to provide stallholders with all the information they need during the day



This poster was created in order to advertise the event



This is the logo that was created for the event



Here you can send us an email for any enquries or questions you may have about the event.

02 4628 0008


12 Browne Street, Campbelltown, NSW, 2560